Implementing Gigamon Packet Access Solutions

with Susanne Haas

What’s in it for me?

Taking a look at the description of this course, you may be asking yourself – What’s in this course that I would be interested in?

This is Susanne Haas, I am a network architect and engineer as well as an instructor. I am also the person who has developed this course.

And here is a sampling of what we’ll be covering:

This video course is a combination of practical topics to introduce you not only to the Gigamon® platform but also to the concepts of ‘Packet Access’ technology.

This course is for anyone implementing a packet access solution in their network.  It is especially for those of you who have decided to implement a Gigamon Visibility Platform packet access solution.

You do not need to have any in-depth knowledge of packet access solutions, just a good basic background in networking and possibly security since these are the environments into which the packet access solutions fit.

Through this course, you will learn the key requirements for sharing packets between your network and security tools. You will also learn about key features and the configuration of Gigamon® devices as well as the value of properly incorporating a packet access Visibility Fabric™ into your network monitoring system. The material covered has been recently updated to include the latest capabilities and features released from Gigamon.

With increasing demands for agility and automation in the IT infrastructure and with ever-changing threat patterns in the network traffic, there is a critical need to automatically detect, react, and respond to these threats while also integrating visibility into IT operations management.

This course will teach you how to use Gigamon's packet access technology to gain visibility into your network traffic to prevent these threats.

You will learn how to leverage the advanced processing capabilities of the GigaSMART® engine to process incoming traffic streams in a variety of ways to augment security analysis. You will also learn how to configure popular GigaSMART features such as De-Duplication, Adaptive Packet Filtering and NetFlow with Metadata.

We will walk through extensive configuration demonstrations that will show you how to use most of the capabilities and features available from any H Series node, as well as nodes configured with advanced features such as GigaSMART capability.

Because some of you may be more comfortable working with a Command Line Interface and others more comfortable with a GUI, we will be demonstrating the configuration of these features from both the CLI and GUI interfaces. These modules also walk you through the considerations for implementing a packet access solution in both physical and virtualized environments.

In addition, I have tried to make this course very visually interactive to help you remember the concepts covered.

So, with all of that said, I hope you will enjoy this course as well as others we have put together here at Digital Revolver.  Thank you!

Course Curriculum

What's included?

39 Videos
Susanne  Haas
Susanne Haas
Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Susanne is an expert in the field of Networking and Telecommunications whose career spans over 30 years of network implementation and design as well as teaching experience.  In the course of her career, she has attained technical expertise in areas such as; enterprise IP networking, wireless networking, cloud networking, network visibility and packet access, network security, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, cellular network technologies, video technologies, VoIP technologies, transport and signaling, and optical technologies such as SONET/SDH.

She holds multiple certifications in these technology areas including CCNP and CCIE written level certification for Routing and Switching technologies, Wireless and Security from Cisco as well as other vendors.

Susanne is one of the top rated instructors in the US and in addition to her CCSI#34995 she holds instructor level certifications for vendors such as Juniper, HP and Ciena.

Most recently she has been involved in design and implementation of network visibility and packet access for both physical and cloud networking environments as well as network security. In addition to teaching, she writes certification courses for groups like Cisco, HP, Juniper, Gigamon, etc.

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