Introduction to Big Data

with Tim Fox

Introduction to Big Data

This course will give a high-level introduction to the ecosystem of big data.  It is non-technical and focuses on the ecosystem of Big Data and common use cases.   We will discuss technologies like Apache Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, NoSQL, Samza, Storm, and Nifi.

Video 1:  Introducing Big Data Challenges.

In this video, we will discuss the problem of Big Data, introduce Gartner’s three “V”s of Big Data, and outline some of the ecosystem challenges.

Video 2:  A Big Data Use Case: Capture and Real-Time Processing

We will introduce a typical Big Data IOT (Internet of Things) use case, and discuss the ecosystem.  In this video, we will focus on the capture of data and introduce Apache Kafka and alternatives.  We will follow that up with Real-Time Processing of Data using technologies like Storm, Spark Streaming, Samza, Flink and NiFi

Video 3: A Big Data use Case:  Storage

We will continue talking about our Big Data Use Case and talk about actually storing the data.  There are two distinct storage requirements: batch analytical storage and low-latency real-time storage.  We will attempt to discover both solutions for both cases.

Video 4: Putting it All Together

We will wrap up our talk about our big data use case with discussion of Analytics and Visualization, and unveil our solution to solve the IOT use case that we have been looking at.

What's included?

4 Videos
Tim Fox
Tim Fox
Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Tim Fox has a 16 years' professional experience as an architect, lead, and consultant, with recent emphases in Big Data Architecture and Data Science Development. Tim specialize in Machine Learning, Big Data Architecture, Data Science, and Analytics. Also, specialize in the implementation of scalable machine learning solutions built on Spark ML and Tensorflow.

Tim also does big data architecture on the Hadoop platform. Also lead an offshore team able to do the heavy lifting of project implementation. Tim conducted great workshops, conferences, and training in Big Data and Data Science technologies through Elephant Scale.

Tim has a work experience as a Software Architect and Trainer performed seminars on Big Data technologies and delivered Big Data Solutions. Tim graduated from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA B.S. Computer Engineering 1992 - 1996 with Major Projects Performed Natural Language Processing research as part of Artificial Intelligence coursework and project work.

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